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Tips Prior to Service:

   Always make a quick check of your main breakers & electrical cords for dead unit problems prior to calling a company for service.

   Check drain pipes for leaking washer problems just in case you need a plumber instead of an appliance repairman.

   Get your make and model information before scheduling a call.

   Approximately 75% of the time, an extended dry time on a dryer is an air flow problem. (1 to 1 & 1/2 hours is a normal dry time for heavy loads). Check for squashed ducting, blocked outside vents and other factors that could cause a restricted airflow.

   Warning!  Address any roach or rat infestation prior to calling for repair.  Roach feces short out circuit boards and rats will continue to chew on hoses til gone. 

General Information: 

   FRONT LOAD WASHER SMELLING?  Leaving the door open after your laundry chore for the day is over and NOT leaving clothes in the washer helps odor problems.  Maytag suggests doing your whites last as the bleach can help.  I personally use vinegar as my fabric softner and its an excellent hardwater deposit cleaner but there is a controversy on it rusting metal parts, so beware of that possiblity if you so choose to use it. 

   DISHWASHER NOT DRAINING?   What should go down the drain?  Definitely not your money and that is exactly what will happen if you pour grease into your sink.  Hot water or soap will only carry the grease so far, then it will coagulate and clog up, causing you to need a plumber to snake your drain or an appliance repair to clean out your dishwasher drain hose.  Its far cheaper to:  Can it, cool it, then toss it.  Pour the grease into  an old coffee can or vegetable can, let it cool ( you can even place it into the refrigerate to use til full) then toss it into the trash. 

   FRONT LOAD WASHER CONTROL ACTING CRAZY?  Using the right detergent in the front load washers is very important.  The HE detergent is low-sudsing.  If you use regular detergent, the excess suds can back up into the hoses, creating havoc on your electronics.  An inexpensive alternative to the HE detergent is making your own homemade laundry soap.  Many recipes online are low-sudsing, easy to make and literally cost pennies. 

Basic Maintenance:

DRYERS:   Cleaning the lint from your dryer screen everytime is important, but once a year or so, you should also clean the dryer’s airflow system.  Unplug the unit. Take out the lint screen, then unscrew its housing and remove it. Remove the back of the dryer, then remove the blower housing cover.  Now, take an air compressor or long handled brush and clean the system between the lint housing area to the blower.  The life of the dryer is in its airflow; take good care of it and it can last 20-30 years. 

REFRIGERATORS:  Your condenser coils should be cleaned every year.  Turn the unit off.  Remove the access panel/kickplate.  Gently run a long handled brush over the condenser coils. Vacuum up the debris and turn on the unit after 15 minutes.  Make sure the condenser fan is running fine before replacing the access panel. 


Customer Reviews

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I want to thank Meridy for all the help in fixing my washer. She ordered the parts needed and were available in a short time! Now my washer operates as it should without bouncing all over the floor! Thanks again Meridy...I can wash in peace now!

- Jeff Jackson (4/12/2019)

Greetings, This week, Don from Mr. Bob’s in Wichita Falls has worked at our house twice to fix our washing machine. He did a terrific job and was as friendly as he was competent. We appreciate your services! God bless.

- Barbara Kavanaugh (8/3/2018)

Mr. Bob’s is wonderful! They sent out Donnie? who was very kind, courteous, & knowledgeable. He fixed my ice maker & fridge door. Both did not need the costlier parts he’d originally thought I needed due to my description of the problem. He ordered the cheaper parts just to be safe & he was right. Thank goodness for people who actually repair what is needed, instead of trying to rip you off. It’s nice to know that there are still honest, kind people left in the world! Thanks Donnie & Mr. Bob’s! You have my business!

- Rachel   (5/15/2018)

Mr. Bob’s just provided the best customer service I’ve ever had from any company I’ve ever dealt with. I had a problem with my Kenmore fridge making noise and Jason went above and beyond to find out the problem and fix it. They are fast, reliable, honest and charge a very fair price! That’s how a business should be. Thanks again! --Rich Lucero

- Richard Lucero (12/18/2017)

Merry Christmas to all and may you all have a Happy New Year!

- Mr  Bob (12/6/2017)


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